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Today, we start a five-part series detailing the value-adds we're seeking to bring to your life!
Maximally delicious - this is admittedly subjective. However, we get overwhelming feedback in support of this, and there are several reasons why we believe this to be the case.

We're bringing the craft movement to nut butters by stone-grinding in small batches. The experience of enhanced flavor and texture is what keeps our customers coming back and telling us they can't go back to what they were eating before.

Stone-grinding is a low-temperature, slow-speed, and small-batch traditional process that brings out enhanced flavor, texture, and nutrition compared to high-speed metal grinders. See it in action here.

It creates smoother, pourable creamy textures that don't stick to your mouth. These are fine enough for a 6 month-old baby with no teeth to consume:

By contrast, the crunchy textures are thicker and spreadable with more multidimensionality than standard crunchy nut butters:

If you've tried craft beer, cheese, wine, spirits, bread, or chocolate and experienced how they are better than commercially mass-produced versions, then chances are you will love our craft nut butters.
The sensory differences of a truly artisanal processing technique are dramatic - think Coors Light vs your local craft brewery, Hershey's vs Dick Taylor chocolate, or Wonder Bread vs traditionally fermented whole wheat sourdough - we're taking the same quantum leap apart from our commercially mass-produced competitors.

Simply put, craft processing in small batches at low speeds and low temperatures makes for the best nut butters. The oils in nuts need time to release, otherwise they do not fully express, causing nut butter to stick to your mouth and easily separate.

We were tired of almond butters that we have to stab with a knife for 15 minutes to re-integrate the severely separated oils before being able to eat. We were also tired of chalky, rock hard, and dry coconut butters that have unevenly distributed fat, fiber, and protein.

Both of these issues are caused by the commercial mass production of nut butters using high speed metal processing machines that process thousands of pounds an hour.

We offer a tastier alternative with our craft nut butters, which are slowly stone-ground in small batches to fully express and evenly distribute fat, fiber, and protein to create enhanced flavors and textures that our consumers prefer.

Sprouting also makes the almonds sweeter and more nuanced in flavor in our sprouted almond butters, thus resulting in a more multi-faceted flavor profile.

We'll close by sharing some screenshots of our fan love:

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