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Gut Nuts, the world's first fermented and dehydrated almonds!

Gut Nuts: Fermented Cashews

Philosopher Foods

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Fermented Organic Cashews (Ancient Seabed Salt, Probiotic Cultures*)

Contains: Tree nuts (Cashews).

*Select strains of non-GMO, vegan, and dairy-free cultures.

Refrigeration not necessary. Shelf stable for at least 18 months from date stamped on jar.

Introducing a savory and postbiotic snack nut! 

Building off the success of our Gut Nuts fermented almonds, we’re taking cashews where they’ve never been before by fermenting them into a savory and crispy snack nut! Introducing Gut Nuts™, the world’s first fermented and dehydrated cashews. 

Expect sour, salty, and umami flavor notes. No more naturally sweet cashews here! 

These are perfect for crunchy snacking in whole form, adding to salads, dicing into crusts, or ground into a meal for savory cashew breads or muffins. Be sure to allow the cashews to touch all parts of your tongue to reach all your different flavor receptors!

In our patent-pending process, we lacto-ferment cashews to reach the perfect level of acidity and sourness. 

Then, we dehydrate the cashews at the lowest possible temperature to dry them out, creating an extremely crunchy shelf-stable snack nut that pops in both flavor and texture.

THE FIFTH TASTE: Savory/umami is a key flavor in diet as one of the five basic tastes (sweet, salty, sour, bitter and savory/umami) that is not well represented in the American palate, especially in snacks, which are dominated by sweet and/or salty. Various health imbalances can occur by lacking or exceeding any one of the five basic tastes. 

What are the health benefits of fermented cashews?

We've submitted them for scientific verification via metabolomic analysis provided by Utah State University. We can only speculate that they will be quite similar to these benefits for our Gut Nuts fermented almonds before and after fermentation.


What does it mean to be a postbiotic snack?

There are other potential health benefits we plan to study as well. For example, these snacks are likely considered postbiotic: “inanimate microorganisms and/or their components that confer a health benefit on the host.” 

It’s likely that many of the positive gut health benefits of this product will be postbiotic in nature, rather than probiotic, as dehydration, even at low temperatures, will kill off most if not all living organisms. It’s how we achieve shelf stability! Again, testing will tell.

In general, fermenting foods increases the nutrient content and the bioavailability of nutrients, decreases anti-nutrients (phytic acid, lectins, oxalic acid, tannins), toxins (heavy metals and mycotoxins), and agricultural pollutants (glyphosate and other herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and fumigants). We plan to study all of this before and after fermentation in our products.

Glyphosate, for example, is reduced by 65% in sauerkraut compared to pre-fermentation levels on the cabbage according to one lab we talked to. 



A low temperature, slow speed, ancient technology for food processing that avoids the oxidation and heavy metal contamination of modern high-speed metal food processors that make most commercially available nut butters.


Sprouted and soaked (for up to 12 hours) makes the almonds sweeter, more digestible, and more nutritious. Research shows that sprouting increases the polyphenol content of the almonds, boosting antioxidant activity.


Dehydrating preserves the enzymes, flavor, and nutrition of sprouted almonds, without generating the carcinogenic acrylamide that results from roasting, as most nut butters are and contain.

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