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Clearance deals on short-dated coconut butter & chocolate coconut butter 🥥 🍫

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Stone-Ground Chocolate Coconut Butter - 6 oz *clearance sale*

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We’re excited to introduce the world’s first chocolate coconut butter made with Regenerative Organic Certified™ coconut! We created a holistically healthful, ethical, and ecological indulgence to enjoy decadence without degeneration of their health, workers/farmers, or the planet.

Coconut butter is a nut butter created by scraping out the meat from the inside of the coconut, drying it, and then grinding it into a uniform texture. Our chocolate coconut butter is stone ground in small batches, making it a nutrient-dense, low-sugar delectable dessert packaged in infinitely reusable and recyclable glass.

INGREDIENTS Organic Coconut, Organic Cacao Paste, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Cacao Butter

CONTAINS Tree nuts (Coconut)

Made in a facility that processes tree nuts. NO peanuts or other major allergens.

Our signature stone-grinding process evenly disperses fat, fiber, and protein. The traditional low-speed, low-temperature process creates sweeter flavor and smoother, softer texture compared to chalky and dry commercially mass-produced coconut butters.

Spreadable, blendable and meltable.

Chocolate coconut butter is solid at room temperature, then starts to melt above 76 degrees F. This multi-phase allows for a variety of different possible uses, Minimalist Baker loves our products and recommends many creative recipes with coconut butter on her website.

*Separation is natural with coconut butter of all kinds and is unavoidable in the summer months. To melt, simply place in hot water, a hot room, a hot car, a hot pan, a toaster oven, etc and stir to uniform consistency.

Melt it into a chocolate sauce for a rich variety of applications from fondue to chocolate shell over ice cream!

Warm it to spread on toast, crepes, waffles, or fruit

Mix into oatmeal cereals, smoothies, tea, or coffee

Bulletproof coffee or mocha: blend 1-2 tbsp for a smooth latte that delivers caffeine more effectively to your brain

Use in place of milk, cream, or butter in recipes

Eat it straight out of the jar for a quick hit of MCT energy

Make your own chocolate coconut milk: blend 1-2 tbs per 8oz with hot water

Make into coconut butter barks and cups

You can find more fun recipes on our recipe page!

Visit our Instagram page for more recipe inspiration.



Continuing our five-part series detailing the value-adds we're seeking to bring to your life!


Today, we start a five-part series detailing the value-adds we're seeking to bring to your life!
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