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To Save Water, One Almond Butter Producer is Turning to Traditional Techniques LEARN MORE

TIG Talks

Behind the regenerative process of Philosopher Foods with Tim Richards. LEARN MORE

NEXTY Finalist 2 years in a row!

Our Naked Crunchy sprouted almond butter was a finalist for Best New Organic Food of 2021 and our Chocolate Coconut ...

Choose Santa Cruz

Journal: Sprout It, Grind It, Spread It LEARN MORE


March + April 2018 - "Go Nuts" Product Feature LEARN MORE

Regenerative Food Systems Investment

Philosopher Foods: Taking on Degenerative Agriculture One Nut Butter at a Time LEARN MORE

One Green Planet

 Which Nut Butter is the Perfect Fit for You? LEARN MORE

The Appropriate Omnivore

Podcast Episode 113: Almond Agriculture Done Right with Tim Richards of Philosopher Foods LEARN MORE
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