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Sprouted Organic Almond Butters

Sprouted foods represent the next wave of the conscious food movement. Sprouting makes almonds sweeter, more digestible, and more nutritious. The same applies to many other grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.

Our sprouted almond butters feature unpasteurized, truly raw almonds from Spain, which have been grown using dry-farming methodology, a traditional water-sustainable and regionally-adapted approach to almond agriculture. We are actively working to create the first experimental dry-farmed regenerative almond orchard in the Capay Valleyto re-create Californian almond agriculture in nature's image. We are the first drought-adapted almond butter company and intend to continue pioneering this path so that you don't need to feel guilty in your choice to eat almonds.

We are water-conscious in another crucial way: all of our products are sprouted with spring water from the Santa Cruz Mountains. This is the key to bringing the almonds to their fullest vibrancy. Chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and other pollutants common to modern municipal water sources should not make their way into your body via drinking or eating. Filtered water is stripped of most of these pollutants, but also most minerals and life-force.

You can see the difference between almonds that have been soaked in filtered tap water versus spring water - the color is deeper and richer with spring water. As any good baker knows, it is best to use living spring water to allow the fermentation and flavor alchemy of bread-making to happen. Similarly, spring water soaking creates unparalleled flavor in sprouted almond butter. Compare our sprouted almond butter to other companies and you will feel the difference! We are unaware of any other sprouted products companies that use spring water for sprouting.

Finally, we are the only sprouted products company we know of that uses structured water.  Similar to the flow forms well-known in Biodynamic agriculture, we use a device that vortexes the spring water as it passes through, thus mimicking the action of water flowing in a river. This enlivens and oxygenates the water.

All of our ingredients are Certified Organic and meticulously sourced. We create gluten-free, peanut-free, sweetener-free, Paleo, raw, and vegan sprouted almond butters. Don’t worry; we have your health, the health of workers all along the supply chain, and the health of the planet in mind. We exist to create the best nut butters possible, on all levels, for all beings!